Mar. 8, 2021

Suggested Software

A list of good privacy-preserving alternatives for commonly used software.

Mar. 5, 2021

Hello CD

Simplifying my blogging work flow with Hugo, Sinatra, and Webhooks.

Mar. 23, 2019


My favourite quote.

Sep. 5, 2015

Art and Deception

It did look a bit rushed.

Aug. 17, 2015

Art and Life

Only eight left.

Aug. 16, 2015

They Are All Equal Now

Reflections on Kubrick's film Barry Lyndon.

Aug. 10, 2015

Of Discord and Dilettantism

Reflections on Principia Discordia.

Aug. 4, 2015

The Stranger Parable

Reflections on Camus' book The Stranger.

Jun. 1, 2015


Reflections on Lars von Trier's film Europa.