Hakyll? I hardly know her!

Written by Ari von Nordenskjöld on March 20, 2019.

Phew! Finally. A static website that doesn’t suck. This isn’t the first time I’ve generated a static website and blog with Hakyll, and it may not be the last time – but here’s for hoping that it’s the best time.

I stole the general setup from Eric Rasmussen’s private website, Chromatic Leaves. Getting it to build was not too much trouble. Only two lines of Haskell imports had to be modified. The Sass/Foundation code was somewhat more troublesome - I don’t know much about the syntax, and figuring out that the way that quotes were being used in some variables was no longer compatible with more recent versions of Sass took some time.

I then proceeded to make some aesthetic changes, such as using GlassTTY for the header font, underlining tags, and some other minor changes. I also uploaded some of the old posts that I wrote many years ago for my first Hakyll blog.

Lastly, I integrated Disqus. In theory this is very easy, and it was – but I got tripped up by the way that Firefox caches some resources, and was under the impression that things were not working as expected, which cost me a considerable amount of time in debugging.

I plan to post more frequently this time – I hope to make some more technical posts, more reviews of all sorts of things, as well as some commentary on the art of brewing coffee. Also please note that the older posts (from 2015) do not represent my present-day self. I’ve changed and grown since then. I still think they hold some interest, though.

Tagged: hakyll, web development